The Better Way to Build Your Music Royalties

The music industry is always changing but when you have things in there proper place, You Win!

Roderick, thank you for taking the time out to share this important information for independent Artist. It has helped me tremendously and it is worth the investment. God bless you!

Cheryl Washington
Gospel Recording Artist

Hello Roderick, My name is David E. Maxwell Thank you for this wealth of information that I think every Independent Artist should get to know. I have been searching all over for this kind of information that would take my music to the next level. This is well put together and easy to follow. It will give me an advantage over most and put me in a position to reap long term benefits. I am so excited to apply these principles to my next CD project already in progress. Again I Thank You Forever Grateful

David E. Maxwell

With being part owner of a record label and also an artist, we are always looking to attend workshops, conferences and/or classes to increase our knowledge in running a successful label the way God has planned for us. We have been among and listened to some of the best in this industry and we have never heard any of this information put out. There is not enough thank you’s in the world to show how much we appreciate this wealth of knowledge for such a “small” fee! If you are serious about your ministry “SOW” into it! The Big Music Secret is GOOD GROUND!

Simone Bryant
Daughter of Zion

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How To Make Music Roylaties

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